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Researchers have found that people who train with biomechanical functional movements experience a lot less back pain than those who don't.


Lower back pain is no fun, but it's a common type of chronic pain experienced by everyone from athletes and fitness enthusiasts to people who spend their days sitting at work.

In most cases, simple changes to your lifestyle and workouts can provide relief from this kind of pain.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

The low back is a common site for pain, but it doesn't have to be. Training can help you get rid of your discomfort and live comfortably again! The causes could range from poor posture or aging wear-and tear caused by heavy lifting over time as well sports related injuries.

Poor Posture

Many people suffer from low back pain because they neglect to maintain good posture. Poor spinal alignment holds everything in balance, but many lack adequate strength of the erector spinae muscles to be able hold their postures for very long without feeling uncomfortable. Poor posture is an indication of poor muscle balance, but it can be due to more than just weak muscles. Tight hip flexors for example could pull us forward which would create tightness in the lower back instead of weakness.

Poor posture affects everyone, even people who train and work out. Athletes can suffer the consequences of bad posture when inactive.

Ligament and Muscle Sprains

Lower back pain can be the result of an injury or strain. A muscle pull caused by over-working it, a sudden movement that stretches your ligaments too far etc., all lead to lower back discomfort.

Wear and Tear and Age

As we get older, the deterioration in our spines and joints can cause chronic pain. Aging naturally causes muscles to weaken as well as elasticity of ligaments decreasing; these changes all contribute heavily towards lower back issues for many people over time.

With the right guidance and expertise, you can live pain free.

Functional Patterns is a way to avoid joint surgery. We work with our clients and teach them how use the Functional Patterns exercises that can help prevent unnecessary shoulder, hip or back surgeries by building stability in those joints while strengthening the muscles surrounding it so they heal on their own.

Many people with joint pain live their lives in an endless cycle of rest and rehabilitation, only to find the problem getting worse. This is because they rely too heavily on avoiding movement or physical exercise which can lead them down a path where losing muscle mass becomes inevitable as well as gaining unwanted weight. 

If you are experiencing joint pain, it could be because of things rubbing against your joints or leaning against them in a way that they shouldn’t.(to put it into the simplest of terms) We can identify these patterns by looking at the human structure while moving and using exercise to activate muscles responsible for preventing this friction from occurring again.